Washington State has to play the add-value card, not low-cost-leader ace

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Jon Talton’s article, “Washington State has to play the add-value card, not low-cost-leader ace” made me think about actuality of business that I haven’t thought about. According to the Seattle Times, the Boeing Company received an incentive package from South Carolina of up to $170 million and the North Charles plant is expected to create 3,800 jobs within seven years and construction will mean another 2,000 jobs. It would be amazing largest story for South Carolina.
I don’t agree with where Jon mentioned about Boeing’s next expansion in Asian, because not even Japan, the leader of technology, not able to build an air-plain yet. They can’t even design well an air-plain without any help. Building an air-plain requires a very high-technology that only U.S.A. has so far.
And I don’t think this new 787 Dreamliner factory expansion causes more unemployed in Washing State, because Jim Albaugh, president and chief executive of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said “Puget Sound will continue to design and produce airplanes, including the 787.” But, since Boeing Company decided to outsource the work for making parts of the 787 Dreamliner for cheaper costs in SC, people who working in the factory on WA will lost their jobs a lot.
Unlikely, 787 Deamliner built from light-weight carbon composite part, so Boeing Company relied on partners to build huge section of the plane. Once Boeing Company completes the 787 program, many problems will solve in shortly.


The making of a design thinker/ Forget design thinking ….hybrid thinking

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First impression of Tim’s article was organized. His writing style made him more like engineer. When I graduated from LWTC, I considered myself as a design tool operator. Some people hate to be called as an operator, but I wasn’t designer. I just had some skills on processes of design with CAD, SolidWorks, and CATIA V5. Since I work for Boeing, the company trained me more organized person, because I have working in air-plain’s system group yet I couldn’t said that I’m technical designer whenever people asked me what I’m doing for company. Now, I still in different systems group, and I’m learning engineering stuff. After 10 years of work experience, I might consider myself as a mechanical designer.

Design is not always has to be innovation. Like a re-make movie, re-design could be more practical and useful. That’s why I like the ‘hybrid thinking’ concept and it sounds like brand new, but it is not.

I agree with Dev, in paragraph seven, he said that hybrid thinking is multidisciplinary people. I remember one video that Ken brown showed me at the class was about gathering design concepts of shopping cart. In the video, there were several people from different fields and they gathered all design concepts to re-design a shopping cart. Hybrid Thinking is closer to general science because it is multidirectional study.

The author describes hybrid thinking as “the conscious blending of different fields of thought to discover and develop opportunities that were previously unseen by the status quo.” Dev explained what is the key of Claudia’s succeed is her lack of experience as a designer didn’t make her a weaker proponent of design, it made her a stronger one.

I think both articles have good motivation of thinking like a designer. Claudia wasn’t designer, but she was expert on her filed and she was professional career woman. Even if she works in different filed, she knew what she needs to do and what she wants.

I have nerver thought about “Thinking like a designer” before, but it would be a great challenging.

Book Review

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1What is the Long Tail mean? Long ago, there weren’t many of choices when you watch shows on television or listening music from radio. This created a hit-driven economics. Everyone accepted what was offered in television or radio stations. Because of hit-driven economics, there isn’t enough space to carry everything for everybody. For example, there aren’t enough TV channels for all TV programs, not enough shelves for DVDs and CDs.  Now, with online distribution and retail, we are entering a world of abundance. The audience tends to distribute as widely as the choice.

The graph above is the Long Tail briefly. It describes the demand for products. The products in the Long Tail are less trendy in a mass, but still popular in a niche sense. So Amazon and Google can make money not just on big hits, but by eating the Long Tail.

The author’s concept is pretty simple, but it has deep implications. Anderson argues that you can find everything out there in the Long Tail and you can significantly lower the costs of connecting supply and demand. The Long Tail is nothing more than endless choice. It means the audience tends to distribute as widely as the choice.

According Anderson’s research, by spring 2006, users were uploading 100,000 videos a day to YouTube and views were watching around 100 million clips daily. Today Google Video and YouTube have become the distribution channel of choice for not just the Long Tail of content produces but also studios and networks trying to reach a new audience.

There are Long Tail rules that can be summarized in two imperatives. First rule is that make everything available. It would be easier that done. Second rule is helping to find out. This factor requires moving more quickly. Anderson shares nine rules of successful Long Tail aggregators: Rule 1 is move inventory way in, or way out. Rule 2 is let customers do the work. The advantage of crowd sourcing is not just economic: customers can do a better job, too. Rule 3 is one distribution method doesn’t fit all. It may sound like metaphysics, but the best Long Tail markets transcend time and space. Rule 4 is one product doesn’t fit all. Rule 5 is one price doesn’t fit all. One of the best understood principles of microeconomics is the power of elastic pricing. Rule 6 is share information. Rule 7 is think “and,” not “or.” The more abundant the storage and distribution, the less discriminating you have to be in how you are use it. “And” is a far easier decision than “or.” Rule 8 is trust the market to do your job. Online market’s information is rich and it’s relatively easy for people to compare goods, and spread the word about what they like. Last rule 9 is understands the power of free. One of the most powerful features of digital markets is that they put free within reach; because their costs are near zero.

All of these rules combine to take us to an amazing time in history of economic. I think the head and Long Tail are one family that the head of demand curve and toward a huge number of niches in the tail.

10 usability heuristics

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Product: Revlon hair straightener


Visibility of System Status

The Revlon flat iron has 1 inch plates with c2eramic that provides high heat yet don’t give any damage in my hairs. It takes less than one minute to heat-up and has 25 different temperature settings. No sounds at all.

Match between system and real world

The Revlon flat iron has very simple setting. There’s only one dial to turn on and turn off, and one heat control dial that arrange1 to 25.

User Control and freedom1

It has good user control because the product has at least two different styles of apply on hair. For instance, the user can use it for only for straightened hair or the user can use its curved edges for curling ends of hair.

Consistency and Standards

 It can’t be confusion because the Revlon flat iron has two handlers to grip and press the hair. 

Error Prevention

Only one thing that I don’t appreciate about this product is it has too high temperature. Iron supposed to has high temperature, but if it gets too high heat, I can’t even tough my hair.

Recognition rather than recall

It has very simple feature. Everyone would notice that there’s flat iron on both inside of surfaces and those are connect to two handlers. There’s nothing to remember to use this product next time, except the favorite temperature level.

Flexibility and Efficiency of Use

This product designed for straightened hair, so it is pretty basic machine but very easy to use if you willing to spend your time to do it. It takes at least 30 minutes to be flat. There’s no way to straightened your hair less than 30 minutes. It helps your hand exercised by grabbing two handles again and again.

Aesthetic and minimalist design

 The Revlon flat iron is really simple machine that help me to use so quickly and there’s isn’t any other information on the iron.

Helps users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

So far, I haven’t had any error and when it is connect to the electric outlet, it has red on the indicator light.

Help and documentation

Honestly, I can’t even remember that I have seen the manual because there were enough information on the product’s cover.

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This is a crane, 2D drawing Auto CAD 2002.

It was my first job at small engineering company.

Jacek Utko

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First, I was impressed that Jacek is a really great speaker. For him, six minitue was enough to inform his opinion about news paper design and it was peowerful time. However, if you ask me that I agree with him…well, I don’t know. I’ve nerver thought about design of news paper, because I thought that design is not important to newspaper. Every time when I read the newspaper(korea newpaper), there’s always picture of top issue of the day, so people grab a newpaper, if there’s picture of the peorson that he/she interested in it. I think the most important element of newspaper is acurate, quick report of hot issue . If people read the newspaper by first impression of the look of the first page, that would be really short moment that compare of the time to read whold page of the newspaper. Redesign and rethink are creative and productive, but how long it will maintain by effect of visual arts?

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